Las Vegas

LA la land

Tire abuse
I’ve been in LA all week for… uh… I don’t like Las Vegas. I think I’m avoiding it. As I type this, Ken is taking on Trogdor on Guitar Hero and Ryan is grilling kosher wieners (I guess I failed to explain to him the nuanced differences between Judaism and vegetarianism).

It’s been a pretty laid back week. I’ve realized I’m not the loaner I pretend to be and came to LA to be closer to the friends I work with remotely. I still think I’m moving here when my lease is up, but the plan isn’t nearly as clear as I once thought. It’s not till September so I’ve stil got some time. Now that I did the first major move out of Nebraska I feel like I’m much more mentally prepared for the next one (and enthusiastic). I need to start Eliot’s Crap Reduction Initiative before I move though—I was appalled at how much stuff I moved last time. So, this time I think I’m getting rid of all of the furniture I’ve been dragging around for years, the unused computers, and other electro-junk.

I’m not excited about the 70 miles of sprawl I drove through today though. I went to Fontana to watch some friends practice for their WERA race tomorrow. The picture above is Kurt’s tire after the day’s sessions. Don’t worry they’ve purchased new tires for the actual race. Chapparal is in San Bernardino so I’m thinking about stopping by and picking up a race suit on my way back to LV so I can start participating in track days.

Now Ken is attempting Carry on my wayward son; if they made Trombone Hero I would 0wn at this.


Brian Alvey is leaving AOL

never forget brian alvey[Image: Nonsensor]
I had read Brian’s post—actually I caught his quip earlier in the day, but it didn’t really sink in until I saw Alex’s post illustrating that the original Weblogs, Inc. management team was now completely gone. I had a blast spending time with the entire Blogsmith team at SXSW and finally got to meet Brian; yes, I did meet him at WINStock, but being in the middle of a complete platform overhaul is no time to meet a dev. Gavin has an interesting post describing much of the platform’s growth and how the team got to where it is today. I know Brian is going to have a lot of fun over at ComicMix and I look forward to working with him in the future (I should get cracking on that Galactus WiFi helmet).