Animation fascination

I found out a friend has a strong interest in animation so I was going to share a few links with them, but hey, why not everyone?

  • Cartoon Brew is an animation blog.
  • Drawn! is an illustration blog that often covers animation as well.
  • Sandbox World focuses more on comic books, but also does animation.
  • all kinds of stuff belongs to John K the creator of Ren and Stimpy a features a lot of cartoon theory. John K created the first cartoon made specifically for online distribution and had a huge influence on the development on Flash because of this.
  • Funny Cute is Katie Rice’s blog. She started working as an artist for John when they revived Ren and Stimpy.
  • Channel Frederator is a weekly cartoon podcast which always features good stuff.
  • Waveform is a podcast for electronic music videos which are generally animated.
  • Adult Swim Fix is updated on Fridays with the next week’s premiers plus old episodes.
  • SIGGRAPH video review features short clips, but has the title and creator so you should be able to find the full length versions easily. Finding that today reminded me of one of my favorites from last year’s show: Bubble Girl

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