New exhaust install

I started installing my new Jardine slip-on exhaust on Friday. I say started because I ran into this instruction: “You will need to disconnect one of the oil lines, but if you plug the hole when disconnected you will only lose a minimal amount of oil.” Liars. So, I ended up with oil everywhere. I should have drained the swingarm ahead of time (or Buell shouldn’t plumb oil lines through exhaust mounts). The next problem was Jardine’s bolt-on exhaust bend didn’t want to bolt-on. How do you sell thousands of kits that can’t be used without modification? The next day I made a 53mi. round trip to a friend’s house to use his cutoff wheel to modify the bracket (the over wide flange interferes with the engine block). After that most everything bolted up, except for one bracket I had to tweak by jamming it into a concrete seam. You can find pictures of the process on Flickr which includes a comparison with the old pipe.

There aren’t many aftermarket exhausts available for the Buell XB line. The nice side effect of this is American Sport Bike did exhaustive dyno tests of every one available (puns are always intended). Here are two sound clips from the test so you can compare the stock to the Jardine.


4 thoughts on “New exhaust install

  1. JohnO 64 says:

    Dissconect one oil line, what about the other two?
    I used an angle grinder to modify the clamp. Well I am still installing mine, not in any hurry it is nearly 100 degrees everyday around here in summer. I have just bought a right sided scoop.


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