Cheese grater removal

cheese grater
My bike was out of commission for a bit as I removed what is affectionately called the “cheese grater” by the Buell community. The Buell Lightning has a sort of vestigial tail that extends past the tail light and holds the turn signals and license plate. It looks like this. I had somebody experienced shorten it to clean up the tail section. I also installed the ’07 airbox which is freer flowing and the only major mechanical change from my ’06 model. Here’s a photoset with the before and after. I’m still waiting for a new slip-on exhaust. I’m also watching the classifieds for an Firebolt XB9R to use just as a track bike.

I’m currently in LA for the week to collaborate with Ryan. I’ve got a new EVDO Rev A express card fastest I’ve seen so far was in Las Vegas 200KB/s down 16KB/s up. Is there a reason we still use kbps for rate?


2 thoughts on “Cheese grater removal

  1. Tyler says:

    i found a great way to mount the licene plate. take the reflectors that were on the cheese grater bentd them so they are L shaped and make th hole bigger so the screws that go under bike will go though it and then just bolt the licence plate to that it will require that you drell new holes in the licence plate


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