I’m back!

responsible adult
That’s right I’m back… not that I was really gone, but I had been holding off on posting till I could get RobotSkirts moved to a new host. My yearly renewal came up, so I began shopping around since I was truly getting what I paid for with my $3/mo. host. Is SSH access really too much to ask or at least PHP newer than 4.2.2? Will kindly offered me space on his Slice, so that’s where we’re at now. I guess I probably owe him a raise. I’ll be posting away shortly now that I have a backlog.

What’s up with me: I went to LA last weekend for some heavy consulting drinking with CK. He pointed out that I’m in the Netscape 9 browser credits (two other interesting pictures I found on Flickr). John Wenz contacted me last weekend as part of an article on Open Source. I’ll be in Austin, TX March 8-14th for SXSW Interactive. I’ll be in D.C. March 23-25th for ShmooCon. I’ve updated Flickr with all of my photos since November. Hack A Day is being redesigned as we speak and we’ll probably be picking up some more bloggers.


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