New pots

The best things in life… I got these pots for free from a fellow sportbike forum member. Mostly stainless steel Farberware plus some other stuff. (All my previous pans have been free as well) I assume they were a wedding present at one point. They’ve been working out really well and are deeper than my other pots so they make more efficient use of the space in my dishwasher. All around a nice score.


I’m back!

responsible adult
That’s right I’m back… not that I was really gone, but I had been holding off on posting till I could get RobotSkirts moved to a new host. My yearly renewal came up, so I began shopping around since I was truly getting what I paid for with my $3/mo. host. Is SSH access really too much to ask or at least PHP newer than 4.2.2? Will kindly offered me space on his Slice, so that’s where we’re at now. I guess I probably owe him a raise. I’ll be posting away shortly now that I have a backlog.

What’s up with me: I went to LA last weekend for some heavy consulting drinking with CK. He pointed out that I’m in the Netscape 9 browser credits (two other interesting pictures I found on Flickr). John Wenz contacted me last weekend as part of an article on Open Source. I’ll be in Austin, TX March 8-14th for SXSW Interactive. I’ll be in D.C. March 23-25th for ShmooCon. I’ve updated Flickr with all of my photos since November. Hack A Day is being redesigned as we speak and we’ll probably be picking up some more bloggers.