If you can’t tell from the title, my Christmas has been a blast :-). I kid, but I decided to take on a coding project (something more than duct tape). I decided to get Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Xcode installed on my MacBook Pro to facilitate this. Here are some links to make this easier on the next person.

I haven’t played with Xcode yet. I figure I’ll use TextWrangler till I get into something big. For the curious: I’m starting at the very beginning.


Merry Xmas

I’ve placed the holiday greeting my sister made in the sidebar. It’s sad that James Brown passed today, but at least it wasn’t before gaining the appreciation of multiple generations of people. If Christmas became a legitimate excuse to blast a James Brown record, I wouldn’t mind it one bit. Right now we’re getting ready to have our annual brunch with the grandparents. I wish you and yours happy holidays.