Five things

RjB tagged me to list five things that most people don’t know about me.

  1. I’ve worked a string of somewhat interesting, but unrelated jobs. Chronologically: detasseling, Dairy Queen, basketball ref, race car pit crew, RA, construction, writing interpreted code for thermostats, blogging, media powerhouse.
  2. I have a “lust for symmetry” which I think means I’m mildly OCD. I’m not sure how really explain “I love pairs” without sounding more crazy.
  3. Like Ryan I too can sing and dance. I did show choir and musicals in high school. I can also cook, sew, clean, enjoy fashion and do various other sissy things.
  4. I often get a sense of deja vu, thinking that I’ve definitely dreamed an experience before. This is the type of precognitive hindsight that would lead me to declare myself psychic if I was an idiot.
  5. I read slow (please put pictures in your RSS feeds), have a limited attention span and enjoy taking a trip down every tangent of a story. Behaving like ADD kid can be kind of problematic but I have a theory. My brain attempts to run two threads at all times. So if I really need to get thread one done I just clog up thread two with a something that takes little processing like listening to an album I know really well.

I’m tagging Brigitte, Sarah, Richard, Cory, and Mandy.

Here’s the history of it so far — Me » Ryan j Budke » C.K. Sample » Jason Calacanis » Amanda Congdon » Michael Ambs » Rick Rey » Steve Woolf » Steve Garfield » Jeff Pulver.


3 thoughts on “Five things

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