Desert rescue

flat tireOkay, so the title is a little dramatic. I was expecting my friend Chelsea and three other people to show up today. They’ll be here for at least a week mostly climbing in Red Rocks Canyon just west of town. She called this afternoon asking if I was busy. Chelsea and her friend Jason had gotten two flats in the Mojave National Preserve. They replaced one and had to drive the other 5 miles on dirt to get to Nipton, CA. It’s about 50 miles. I picked them and the two tires up. We’re safely back at home now getting the tires fixed.

Chelsea is a friend I met while rowing for the University of Nebraska. During the summer season she’s a river/climbing guide in Moab. The rest of the year she travels. There’s a of Chels wearing about 8K in climbing gear after the break.

This week I’m covering SEMA Tuesday through Friday with 3 people from Autoblog. Continue reading


Parallels, my new love

I got a copy of Parallels from work since I need to run some Windows-only (groan) software. Parallels is virtual machine software that lets you run other operating systems inside of OSX. I could care less about running XP, what’s really neat is the ability to run any Linux distro directly from the LiveCD ISO. So, yesterday I booted up and “installed” Ubuntu. Which I was surprised to find is as good as they say (despite me hating desktop environments; terminal isn’t an accessory to me).

“What’s with that screenshot? (click for biggie size) It doesn’t show Parallels.” Notice the OSX dock is on the right. The one on the left is ROX. I’ve used SSH with X forwarding to connect to the Ubuntu machine running in Parallels. Every window you see (besides the Finder) is an application running on the Ubuntu virtual machine and being displayed using OS X Doing this you can run your Mac and Linux applications side-by-side instead of inside a Parallels window. Very cool.

Lifehacker has a guide for setting up XP on a separate virtual desktop so you can page between the two systems.


Movies I’ve seen

These are just a few I’ve gotten from Netflix recently:

  • Thank You For Smoking I really enjoyed this. Good satire. Nothing too heavy.
  • Entre las piernas I was surprised by this. It’s got some decent drama and suspense. It may annoy you if you don’t like every character being significant and running into each other (i.e. Crash). I’ll let you discover the English title on your own.
  • The secret of NIMH I remember seeing this videodisc quite a few times as a child. I just wanted to see it again to help my memory.
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence Amazing true story.
  • Mimic I had seen 5 of the last 6 Guillermo del Toro movies. This was the one that was missing. I wasn’t missing much.
  • Chopper An okay biopic about Aussie criminal Brandon “Chopper” Read. I had seen several hilarious skits about him and wondered what the character was based on.
  • Hellraiser Clive Barker’s directorial debut. I haven’t seen a lot of old horror movies and I wanted to see this unedited. Good stuff.
  • Pulse Standard Japanese horror: slow, ominous, incomprehensible, and for some reason it was remade in English. The creepiest part was the main character wearing a shirt from Gilley’s… the bar up the street with the bikini bull riding. This shirt was for the one in Texas though (everything in Vegas is based on something) since their shirts were sold by Lucky at some point.

Fred Eerdekens

fred eerdekensPraise be to the great Waxy for pointing out Fred Eerdeken’s amazing art. His 3D installations of clouds, wire, and trees create 2D text projections. You can see his work on Flickr. The picture above was taken by pocketmonsterd. I think it’s funny that I saw this after seeing a 3D shadow from a 4D object. I think it would be neat if the galleries gave out digital cameras and had patrons “discover” Eerdeken’s text using flash photography. That would probably be a good trick for a horror film as well.

Las Vegas

Your boy is going to be fine

Don’t worry mom; I finally made it to the grocery store. I don’t like going to the store so I bought a lot of food. The cart had dome to it by the time I got done. It made me wonder why the produce is always first. I don’t plan on using the 6 pounds of spaghetti and gallon of sauce all at once, but this much food kind of makes me wish I lived in a place where I could get snowed in. I went to a different grocery store after discovering that the 24hr super Walmart is apparently the place to be in Vegas at 10:30PM on a Sunday. Look at me, already finding the local hotspots.


MP3 search bookmarklet

I had been using the Google hack Lifehacker recently reposted to search for MP3s in open directories. I was thinking “hey this is useful enough, I wish it was a bookmarklet“. So I grabbed a <a href="javascript:q=document.getSelection();for(i=0;isearch google bookmarklet and slapped the search string into the Javascript. (which coincidentally is how the majority of the code I’ve written is constructed) Here it is: <a href="javascript:q=document.getSelection();for(i=0;iMP3 search. Maybe if I hadn’t dove in head first I would have noticed i-hacked’s search box which does the same thing or even that far superior bookmarklet someone else wrote (probably correctly too).

This wasn’t the method I used to get Justin Timberlake’s Sexyback though. If you visit his site (don’t it’s loud), the flash player will drop the whole MP3 right into your browser cache. I kid you not, its ID3 tag is “Weird Al’s – Don’t Download This Song” .