The other day a close friend asked me where I expected to be in 5 years. When I was sleeping on Frosty’s couch this question was easy. I was getting paid to blog and was looking for a fulltime mechanical engineering job. I’d say that in 5 years I’d be blogging fulltime. So something got thrown into the works in the meantime; I actually got hired fulltime for my blogging work. So what’s coming in 5 years? I didn’t see any of the last 1.5 years on the horizon at the time. It comes down to this: I had the answer when I lived on the couch because I knew I didn’t want to be there. Now I actually like where I’m at in life I don’t think I’d have a single complaint still being here in 5 years (except I’ll probably be getting the hell out of Vegas).

Here’s what I do as an Anchor: Lead Anchor CK’s description. VP Jason’s description. Lately I’ve been having a lot of fun bringing the pain to people spamming and gaming. Also, check out Netscape’s cool new feature: video.


Urnal Star

urnal star
This masthead from the local Lincoln Journal Star was apparently featured during Jay Leno’s headlines last night. I thought it was funny when it arrived on my doorstep in July and had the presence of mind to scan it back then.

Update: It was apparently an entirely different masthead from August. How do they keep doing this? Shouldn’t the layout editor have a checklist that starts with “1. Make sure name doesn’t look like Urinal Star”?