Double double

dual monitorsIf you’d been looking at my Flickr photos you would have noticed I got my second Dell 2405FP. I bought the first one last fall; the second one was provided by work. The nice thing about the 2405FP (besides being freakin’ huge) is that the native 1920×1200 resolution lets you open two fullsize browser windows side-by-side since most websites are designed to be 800 pixels wide. So the picture above shows my new workflow with 4 full size browser windows open. The far left is Gmail. Next is a WordPress edit window for this site. Followed by whatever site you’re researching. The far right is Bloglines which I use to read news feeds. A nice hack for Bloglines is turning on “Open Links In: Reuse New Window”. So if you’re running two browsers side-by-side every link you click in Bloglines will show up in the second window. It’s really slick and much faster than running tabs. I guess I’ll need to pick up a third monitor for IM.

The 2405FPW sells for $850 new. Dell had 16 refurb units last night for $650, but they’re gone already.

The left monitor is temporarily running off of my Gentoo box. I rebuilt it yesterday and can’t be happier. I had the home directories on a separate partition so I just reinstalled the root filesystem and it’s running like a dream. I had been meaning to do a reinstall since my dual tv tuner is supported by MythTV now and recently the box had been crashing (I assumed something to do with NFS since that’s all it did). It’s been working fine as a file server so I think I’ve got it fixed.


Robotic memory

robot legs
When my coworker Fabienne joined the team she was often impressed by my ability to recall old news stories and links. I don’t know if I’ve always had it, but it’s something I use almost every day at work to make sure I’m not running old news or running the same story someone else carried. A lot of news outfits picked up this walking chair story; I even saw it on CNN. It looked more than familiar so I did some searching. Sure enough, in November 2004 WMMNA carried a story on a previous generation.

Maker Faire was fun this weekend. You can see our photos on Flickr.


West coast bound

create your own visited states map

I’m headed to San Francisco tomorrow for the Maker Faire. Richard and Dirk both posted maps of where they’ve been so I decided to do likewise since I met them on a previous trip. Fabienne has been putting together some cheat sheets for me while I try to get Hack-A-Day posts up through the weekend. Will is working on a ________ for the show (parts showed up yesterday and he laid out the board last night… madman… serial control from the iPod won’t be done though). I’ve already got plans to hang out with the folks from Midnight Research Labs. I’m looking forward to meeting Limor and other new people as well (and not having to explain what H-A-D is). Definitely going to be a trip to remember.