Ichi the Killer

ichi the killer
This fun family romp… no not really, that’s why I chose this screenshot. Now that you’ve made your decision whether to see it, I’ll tell you a little bit about it. Ichi the Killer is probably Takashi Miike‘s most well known film. Miike is a prolific Japanese director having made at least 60 films in the last 13 years. This film follows the sadomasochistic Kakihara as he looks for his Yakuza boss/brother who’s disappeared with a large sum of money. Torturing people along the way, Kakihara is put on the trail of the mysterious Ichi. The movie is violent to a surreal level, but has well developed characters. The movie actually has a point unlike Suicide Club. I would recommend this movie if you think you have the stomach for it; People at the Toronto film festival were given promotional air-sickness bags.


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