ShmooCon 2006

self portraitI went to ShmooCon last weekend in D.C. It was a decent trip and of the last five it was the only one that I didn’t get singled out for an individual search. I guess the TSA’s New Year’s resolution was to ignore me. I got into the city about 1PM and caught a cab to the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel. It’s a huge hotel nestled in Georgetown. My favorite feature of the area was the gigantic causeways spanning Rock Creek.

There were a few interesting talks Friday night and then the con broke for the evening. I caught up with hacker rockstar Dan Kaminsky after his talk (I didn’t see it though since it is an iteration). I unfortunately didn’t see him for the rest of the weekend. About 50 people made the trek to a local sushi bar for SushiCon. I found out what a $100 platter of sushi looks like (not much) and chatted with Hugo the organizer for REcon in Montreal. Afterwards we stopped by the Toorcon party at the hotel. It was packed and I decided to get some sleep instead.

Saturday cruised by and I met up with Aaron from Midnight Research Labs. He, and everyone else I’ve mentioned so far, are friends I met at Toorcon and are the reason I enjoyed these two cons more than the fear and loathing I experienced at Defcon. We met Frank and Josh (two other MRL guys) for supper. I skipped the club event that night, hoping to get some work done. That’s when I discovered that the mirror over the desk in the Marriott could see the TV. My mind is a little too good at multitasking so I have to fill the second thread with music, TV, or something else for it to process so it doesn’t distract me from things I actually want to work on. I didn’t think I would notice the reversed video, but when the Family Guy episode was played for the second time that night I had a clear memory of what all of the scenes looked like when flipped.

I slept awful Saturday night and made the decision to sleep in. I caught the closing talks on Sunday and then spent the rest of the night working, gettting quite a bit done. I left the hotel around 6:00AM for my 8:30AM flight home. I’ll be covering most of the talks I saw in detail at Hack-A-Day once the speakers get their slides in.


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