Prostitute either way

Hack-A-Day‘s parent company has been sold to AOL. We’re still an independent company. AOL won’t be doing any direction or censorship so things won’t be changing that much; we’re keeping the same management team. We will be getting better contracts and our checks will be from AOL (I have to stop throwing out their mail). Here’s our CEO’s summary of the last few days. Someone went so far as to break down the approx. $25 million sale per blog. I am head editor of a blog worth $1 million. In an IM with my mother I challenged her because she doesn’t think this is a real job. I got this reply:

I am ol the school that a job is something you can’t do in pajamas.–unless you are a prostitute, and pajamas probably don’t enter into that either.

Clothes on or off I’m as good as a prostitute; here’s a picture of me at work.


2 thoughts on “Prostitute either way

  1. What about my job? I’ve had the pajama option for almost 3.5 years. I’m really proud of you for having your current job, and honestly I don’t think I would be bragging about it to everyone who will listen had you been a mechanical engineer instead (which is not to say I wouldn’t approve of that choice). What about writers? Fifteen years ago you might have had a regular column in a magazine. Just make sure you’re doing what you want to do, and if you’re getting paid for it, then there’s really no argument.


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