Maserati Birdcage green-lighted

birdcageThe birdcage concept car originally showed up at the Geneva Motor Show looking impossible to produce. Well, I guess Maserati is as crazy as their concepts look. I’m glad to see this car put into production even if it is a limited run. Risky designs like this keep the car industry fresh and constantly moving; so what if you can’t buy one? Check out more photos of the car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. In case you don’t know: Goodwood is a no limits race up and down some rich guy’s driveway.


3 thoughts on “Maserati Birdcage green-lighted

  1. sister says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a coffin like that. It’d be a refreshing change from the pastel jobbies that are so common. Dead or alive, you’d be hard-pressed to force me into one of those wedding-mint colored boxy bathtubs.

    Also, if it turns out that there’s an afterlife that operates similar to how the ancient Egyptians believed, you’d be the envy of all the other car enthusiasts.


  2. tarnov says:

    Naming a car after the most noticable trait that it doesn’t share with the car it’s based on seems a litte odd, that aside I like it.


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