Mindless Self Indulgence

Mindless Self Indulgence will be playing at the Ranch Bowl on May 20th. Kick ass! I haven’t seen too many bands live, but MSI puts on a great show. They pretty much have to since their music will never see radio play. They’ve toured with Insane Clown Posse and System of a Down, pissing off most of the audience, but converting the rest (at least the ones who could get past the ambiguous sexuality). I saw them a couple years ago headlining a show with Deadsy (ugh) and Dog Fashion Disco (sweet) supporting. Their latest album sounds pretty good and includes a cover of Tom Sawyer which I think they just played on tour to annoy Deadsy. I don’t think they’ll ever be able to match their original album. I wasn’t sure if I’d see a show at the Ranch Bowl before it closes, but I guess this will be the last for me. I’m sure seeing Jimmy Urine diving out of the ceiling girders will lift my heart though.


11 thoughts on “Mindless Self Indulgence

  1. “Rap metal will never die out”

    No, it will just fester. Core Project was terrible and hopefully I won’t be subjected to there music in the future. They were a poor match for this particular audience. Sidenote: they kept repeating “we don’t do shit to our voices” What? I assume they meant electronically enhance, but is that really noteworthy? Their music sucks, but their saving grace is that they don’t modify their voices? ooo… sign me up, fan4life


  2. hmmm…..ok so MSI is 1 of the best bands ever. just behind gnr i wud suppose. i luv sexxii little jimmy urine. :] their music is radtastic. i may see a concert soon n im like totally psyched. and i think it’s true that msi will turn u wicked gay! =/ thanx alot guys! XD


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