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Mobile Wireless Router

soekris development boardOriginally found on Slashdot. Some guy decided to to build a mobile WiFi access point. The box uses a PC Card to connect to Verizon’s network. It then passes that connection to a wireless card that provides internet access to anyone within range. My favorite thing about this project is the Soekris board that ties everything together; they offer several different embedded systems (with optional cases) and the prices don’t seem too bad for a really unique system.

Mom sent me a clipping about Seward County Recycling day. I’ll be throwing out a lot of the electro-junk in my closet: 4 monitors, 3 Pentiums, 1 gutted TRS-80. I’ll probably save a couple old I/O cards to practice soldering/de-soldering on, some old disk drives with the gigantor servos, and all of the hard drives (for security). I figure if I ever need a monitor I’ll just buy a new LCD instead of using the old crap.

Mandy recently sent a lot of people my way, which is great, but I feel I should apologize for this excessively geeky post. Here is a prize for reading the whole post: something stylish to help you beat up Vuitton enthusiasts.


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