Jell-O Salsa

Jello bannerYou know what they say about idle hands… well, idle engineers’ hands are much, much, worse. A couple of years ago my current roommate (Frosty) and I were brainstorming/drinking and decided that gelatinizing salsa would be a grand gift to humanity. Actually we were hellbent on gelatinizing anything at that point. So we ran to the store and grabbed a box of unflavored gelatin, a jug of salsa, and a bag of Fritos Scoops. The process was simple enough, just replace the water in the recipe with salsa. We didn’t thin the salsa at all. With the salsa boiling the gelatin dissolved easily. An equal amount of cold salsa was added and the mix poured into a 9×13″ plan. Placed into the refridgerator the salsa set up much faster than regular gelatin. So, how did it go? Great! It actually worked. I think a lot of the enjoyment rests in the choice of a structurally sound chip; otherwise, it would be impossible to carve the salsa out of the pan. We’ve yet to move on plans to gelatinize other semi-solid foods, but they’re definitely in the pipe. Frosty did attempt to gelatinize Mountain Dew, but failed. I believe Mountain Dew is already a barely stable mix of caustic liquids and won’t tolerate modification. So, try out the salsa recipe, there’s no harm and it cleans up easier than regular salsa which is probably the only legitimate reason to attempt this.


2 thoughts on “Jell-O Salsa

  1. mechanized says:

    Sorry, they don’t exist, but writing about it did get me excited to try this again maybe this weekend or tomorrow night if I have enough dinner beers


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