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Death Race 3000

Death Race 2000 screen capWell, it seems like Paul W.S. Anderson plans on remaking Death Race 2000. The original Death Race 2000 was a cult classic. Released in 1975, it starred David Carradine and Sylvester Stallone. The movie featured a cross-country race that awarded points for killing pedestrians and it’s the inspiration for the videogame Carmageddon. My favorite scene is when a competitor backs over his own pit-crew to take an early lead in the points. What’s Anderson going to do with the franchise? He’s going to Rollerball it. I’ve enjoyed a couple of Anderson’s bad movies (AVP and Resident Evil), and he does seem to get large enough budgets to make a good looking movie. All of that withstanding, this movie is still going to be a pile of shit. It would take a lot of skill to produce a good remake of this movie and even if it did happen we’d still be wondering why they even bothered. I’m dreading the arrival of “heavily armed Escalades” and Anderson’s dialog which has prompted me to yell at the TV on occasion.

Side note: If you enjoy obscure movies, Orgazmo: Special Edition is being released tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Death Race 3000

  1. Frosty says:

    You know there is going to be a scene where someones hand gets cut off by razor sharp bling bling 20 inch spiners. You could have been delving deep into the intricacies of Orgazmo instead of thinking how Death Race 3000 is going to suck.


  2. mechanized says:

    Intricacies or the irony that is a movie about porn doesn’t really have any porn in it. I was just hoping people would watch Death Race 2000, Choada Boy.


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