Google map hacks

551st patchHow did you spend your Saturday? I was trying to hack together a Google map of all of the Lincoln, NE traffic cameras, embedding the images in the map. I was using google maps stand alone mode. Well, it crapped itself so I’m giving you something a little less spectacular. Here is a map [link no longer works] I built of all of the Atlas F missile silos in the Lincoln area (you’ll have to zoom out). The silos were only in operation for five years in the ’60s. I got their coordinates from Jim Kirk’s great site. It has aerial photographs of each of the sites the 551st Strategic Missile Squadron maintained plus lots of other sites.


4 thoughts on “Google map hacks

  1. alex says:

    I’m liking the site eliot. Anyway, that silo marked by david city is much closer to brainard probably by about 7 miles. Not long after I went off to college a large hog confinement building was constructed on that ground, there probably was more opposition to the hog confinement building being built than the missle silo.


  2. Hi,

    When you say “it crapped itself”, do you mean gmaps-standalone itself, or what you were doing with it? If it’s the former, could you let me know what the issue was so I can see if I can fix it?



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  4. Pingback: RobotSkirts » Blog Archive » Google maps update!

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