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Eliot Phillips Resume

Eliot Phillips

Two Bit Circus
Hardware Engineer
2013 – 2020

Worked with a team of designers, engineers, and fabricators to build unique attractions for a brand new family entertainment center. Designed and fabricated circuit boards. Selected, purchased, and wired hardware for a variety of physical arcade games. Designed and assembled player touchscreen tables for a 46 table interactive theater. Updated first and third-party equipment to meet UL/CSA field installation electrical safety requirements.

Interactive prop builder
2012 – 2014

Worked on a number of TV, movie, and interactive productions building electronic props for both actors and fans. Installed lighting and laser control hardware into a fun-house style experience for the latest Resident Evil movie. The custom built semi-trailer toured with the film as it premiered in international locations. Installed cellphone tower hardware into a van to create the first private mobile phone network at Defcon, the world’s largest hacker conference. Retrofitted a vending machine to be controlled via cellphone. Managed low voltage wiring logistics for ethernet, 18000 LEDs, linear actuators, lighting, and cooling for an interactive recording studio. Developed custom game hardware for CW’s Capture reality show and TruTV’s Killer Karaoke. Managed a team installing all of the interactive lighting in a 7,000 sqft Avengers fan experience.
2010 – 2012

Ran team of 30+ freelancers creating timely consumer electronics content. Scheduled daily site updates. Coordinated editorial bug fixes and feature requests with a team of developers. Worked to establish production best practices for contributors to maintain both a consistent voice and technical quality across all site content.

Head Editor
2005 – 2009

Hired to contribute a daily feature post for and a weekly how­to feature for In April 2008, site was purchased by and became the Head Editor. Managed virtual team and site direction. Assigned stories and helped bloggers develop their own original content. Maintained long term project schedules and kept new features on track. Found, interviewed, hired, and trained all new contributors. Worked with team to create regular features that would improve the site’s readership. Updated site code regularly to improve performance. Helped develop original hardware designs and put them into production. Covered and spoke at related tech events and conferences.

University of Nebraska – Lincoln
B.S. Mechanical Engineering 2005




Another year older. The photo above is from a sign painting workshop I took from Bryan Yonki last month. This month I’m participating in the UC’s Victory Garden program while I work on purchasing the house next to the Art Park. I still live in Highland Park and work for Two Bit Circus. Our retail space is a year and a half old now and gets more popular every weekend. My parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in February. In the last year, we threw two successful, small warehouse parties. That was a nice experience because up to this point we’ve done larger things outdoors and far out of town. I’m still regularly board gaming with at a weekly meetup with Dave, Pinguino, and Craig, usually for campaign style games, and then I still host a fortnightly game night at work. I started bouldering at LA Boulders last fall after meeting a couple people who described how much they enjoyed the problem solving. I spend about 4 hours a week on it and really enjoy it. This summer I plan on headed back to Space Camp and ToorCamp. The Adidas LED jacket was my favorite project from last year and I’m glad I got to share it with so many people.

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LED Track Jackets

Seven LED track jackets

Photo by Pinguino Kolb

I think I had this idea of stuffing LEDs down the stripes of track jackets many years ago but the technology wasn’t there at the time. I was probably assembling my LED matrix hoodie and wanting a way to keep the LEDs captive and straight. With the package size of addressable LEDs shrinking we now have ones that are small enough to to fit inside factory sewn stripes. My friends and I have built a few of these now and I wanted to share some of the techniques we use to make a hopefully robust glowing jacket. (tl;dr at the end) Continue reading