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LED matrix hoodie update

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

Matrix Hoodie by @robotskirts being test-driven by @waxpancake and @heartshapedsky #xoxofest

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I took my LED matrix hoodie back to XOXO last year and, as shown above, it totally worked this time! This time I used a PixelPusher as mentioned in the previous post so I could hand people my iPad mini to play with the display. I powered it using just USB batteries this time. The matrix has stood up well over the years. I’ve only had to replace the initial pigtail and I’ve used it with several different controllers. Although it might be time to retire it. Or attempt to wash it for the first time ever…

The Space Camp animated LED sign

Saturday, February 11th, 2017

Dmertl's abduction at Space Camp
Last summer my friend Laura planned an elaborate surprise birthday party for her boyfriend Eric. We took over a private high desert campsite, built a UFO DJ booth, dance floor, and other alien activity areas. One of the main attractions we built was the animated LED Space Camp sign. (more…)