Eliot 34I’m older than I was a year ago! I’m now a full-time engineer at Two Bit Circus who I’ve been working with since last Summer. I still don’t own a motor vehicle. Last month I moved to Highland Park. My coworker lives in a 4-plex that he owns and I rent one of the 1 bedroom units. It’s a great spot and only a few blocks from the train station. I moved Hacker Drinkup with me. We’ve got a diverse regular group of people and no one lives in the same neighborhood. I’ve been better in the last year about posting projects here but it looks like I need to catch up again. In a few days, this blog, which gave me my career path, will turn 10 years old.

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  1. Dad says:

    Great birthday wishes to you and your twin, Adele! Mom wonders if Monday(birthday) was “take your sister to work” day?

  2. Clayton Erickson says:

    Eliot! How the heck are you? Hope you aren’t getting “the black lung” out there with all the fires. Stumbled on you while bumbling around the internet while I was bored. Keep it tight

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