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Space Shuttle Endeavour lands at LAX

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Endeavour flyby of south runway at LAX

I caught a ride with pinguino to El Segundo this morning to watch the Space Shuttle Endeavour land at LAX. It was on top of the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The SCA, Endeavour, and its two T-38 escorts entered LA via Santa Monica at 11:50AM. It flew by many LA landmarks before doing a flyby of LAX’s north runway. It toured more of LA and then did a pass of the south runway complex (pictured above) before coming around one more time to land. There were a ton of people on the hillside where I was viewing and the El Segundo police warned us if we fell off the hill we’d be in LAPD territory and wouldn’t be rescued for days. From our vantage point, we saw people on top of the tallest hangars along with all of the construction workers from the Tom Bradley terminal covering the ground and scaffolding. You can see a few more of my pictures on Flickr. Endeavour will be removed and prepped for ground transport over the next month and I hope to see it on the road in October as it travels to its new home at the California Science Center.

Update: Pinguino posted her photos to Flickr.