NinjaPenguin 6


For the last few years, my friend pinguino has been celebrating her birthday at a party called NinjaPenguin. She’s often joined by other May birthdays like Dave, Jessica, and Erik. The party usually has a strong internet related theme. This year was Rise of the Breadcats, so I made two big foam pieces of bread with cat ears for people to wear and Grace made a breadcat piñata. One of the most memorable features of the party is often the cake; check out some of the past cakes below:


2012, the Breadcat cake


2011, Osama Bin Laden headshot cake that was designed to explode spraying red Jell-O via paintball gun

Ninja Penguin 4

2010, The Meta-Bar, a 20,000 calorie candy bar made out of other candy bars.

Longcatcake is long

2009, the Longcat cake I contributed a 9×13 section to

2girls1cup cake at NinjaPenguin 2.0

2008, the 2 Girls 1 Cup cake which has > 566K views on Flickr and Know Your Meme uses it to illustrate their page


Update: 2007, Sushi Penguin cake

3 Responses to “NinjaPenguin 6”

  1. pinguino says:

    Yay!! =) It is really cool to see them all in one place. You’re missing one though.

  2. pinguino says:

    but it looks like we didn’t call that party NinjaPenguin. This is a sushi penguin cake by Cake and Art. The 2006 party whose pictures i can’t find was Ninjapenguin 1.. it was an art show at Basswerks that went rave-mode after 10p, and had a martial arts demonstration and VJs. That cake I thought was a penguin we cut with a pirate sword.

  3. Readiness says:

    Which one was the vomit rainbows one?

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