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If I had a quarter for every aftershock…

Monday, March 14th, 2011

My twin sister currently lives in Tokyo and this is her most recent email.

Konnichiwa Everyone,

Apologies for the silence on this end; it is difficult to gauge the true status of things, and I am not particularly interested in unnecessarily filling heads–my own included–with worrying remarks.

On early Friday afternoon (your laaaate Thursday night/wee hours Friday), I was at a conference in Nagoya (250km from home, 550km from earthquake epicenter) and rode out the earthquake in the lecture hall of a very modern building. Basically ALL trains stopped on Honshu and I was unable to return home, but able to contact a former frisbee teammate and stay with her. Luckily, I had planned to go straight from the conference to a frisbee tournament, so had toiletries and changes of clothes with me.  (more…)


Saturday, March 12th, 2011


We celebrated my 30th birthday at Hacker Drinkup on Wednesday. Today is the 6th anniversary of Current life status: Working as a producer at on the beach in Venice, CA.