Eliot Phillips, the flyer

Eliot Phillips, the flyer

A few weeks ago I told my friend Chris Nelson that I was going to print up new business cards for ShmooCon. He argued that club flyers would get way more attention and nextdayflyers.com makes it stupid easy. I mocked up the front, which you can see on the left and asked, “Like this?”. He said he’d pay for half if I bothered to go through with it; that’s all I needed to hear.

I had spotted the image on the left on some random Tumblr. I used TinEye to dig up the larger (laser-free) original. It’s apparently from a Rossin calendar created in the 80’s. Our graphic designer friend @skrike redrew the lasers for me—they look great in black light. The image on the back of the card comes from We Have Lasers!

I enjoyed making the flyers and everyone had a good laugh (picture of one in the wild). This isn’t something I’d hand out most places, but ShmooCon has a fun lighthearted atmosphere.

7 Responses to “Eliot Phillips, the flyer”

  1. FROSTY says:

    I really, really hope you get a job offer from this.

  2. Ben says:

    You can stop blogging now. This post is the pinnacle of RobotSkirts. It can only go down from here.

  3. Ben says:


    Not laser boobs, but still awesome.

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  5. Alan Parekh says:

    That would also make for a great business card.

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