Ask me anything.

I’m not running out of topics but more couldn’t hurt. UPDATE: Here’s the Reddit link.

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  1. Chris Finke says:

    You should do an AMA at Reddit: “I used to run Hack-a-Day, but now I don’t. AMA”

  2. cnelson says:

    Who is your daddy, and what does he do?

  3. eliot says:

    His name is Ted and he maintains roads for Seward County Nebraska and farms. He also enjoys crushing his enemies, seeing them driven before him, and hearing the lamentation of their women.

  4. Butt JungLe says:

    What would it take for you to eat some meatloaf?

  5. Butt JungLe says:

    Can you do a cartwheel?

  6. Butt JungLe says:

    Do you like foot fetish porn?

  7. Butt JungLe says:

    Have you ever wished that your arm could extend just long enough to get that spot on your back that itches real bad?

  8. eliot says:

    No (Really? Meatloaf might as well be Spam; pick a better meat to convert vegetarians). No. No. My arms are that long.

  9. eliot says:

    Finke, I’ll probably post it once Maddox clears out.

  10. FROSTY says:

    Really? you are going to give me an opening like this?

    Ok, when was the last time you started your motorcycle?
    What is the ratio of miles driven vs. repair bills on the Milk Truck?
    Obviously you don’t have a new job yet, how does that make you feel?
    who is Butt Jungle?
    Have you excepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior?
    Boxers or Briefs?

  11. eliot says:

    January, 5th while my truck was in the shop. I had to jump it. I’m trying to determine right now if the battery is toast.

    I think it’s 1:1.

    Sad panda.

    @JennyOvadia. She’s Substandard.

    Maybe if you name your child after me.


  12. Cliff says:

    Do you have a PS3 and if so what is your gamer tag?

  13. Desertjim says:

    Are there any projects you have never gotten around to, that you’d like to? If so what are they?

  14. eliot says:

    I think it’s finally time to learn a scripting language.

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