Kathy McCarty – Rocketship

Kathy McCarty – Rocketship Futurama: Bender’s Game used the opening to this song. I really like the sample.

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  1. logan says:

    thank you very much i was trying to find out what song that was

  2. lefu says:

    same, really liked it

  3. Boris says:

    thanxxxxx I was searching author too

  4. hiiragizawa says:

    Wow. I thought it was created just for Futurama. The way how they sing the “Rocketship” part is really futurama-esque. It really fits into Futurama. The rest of the song is… okay I guess. lol

  5. avi says:

    Actually, this is a cover of an original song by Daniel Johnston, “rocket ship” from the album Yip Jump Music…. great song and great album, check it out.
    I’ve recently really gotten into his music and was very pleasantly surprised when I heard it used in Bender’s Game.
    Apparently Matt Groening is a huge Daniel Johnston fan and he originally wanted to use this song as the theme song to futurama but diddn’t. (according to wikipedia)

    Daniel Johnston…. also, there was recently a documentary released about him called “the devil and daniel johnston” check it out..

    that is all.

  6. avi says:

    I thought Kathy Mccarty looked familiar and I was right. It turns out that she was a longtime friend of Daniel and released a tribute album to him. There are a few interviews with her on the documentary….. not like any of you care anyway.
    …time to get back to work :/

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