The wonderous legs of Oscar Pistorius

The wonderous legs of Oscar Pistorius I was planning on writing a similar post, but Kottke beat me to it. He mentions one of my favorite questions: why do we allow athletes to improve their visual performance with eye surgery, but not use steroids?

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  1. bugloaf says:

    Eyes are a little different situation than muscles. There is a quantum mechanical limit to how good your vision can get. It’s not like 20/20 vision is perfect and glasses or eye surgery should only correct up to that point. 20/20 is not perfect vision, it’s more like a minimum standard. When you get a prescription for glasses, the optometrist is giving you the best vision possible, much better than 20/20. Eye surgery might be a little better, because there is no glass in front of your eyes, but rich athletes are not getting telescopic vision from unscrupulous doctors. We allow athletes to get laser eye surgery because it does not give them an unfair advantage any more that allowing them to wear glasses gives them an unfair advantage.

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