Chaos Computer Club Congress goes steampunk

Chaos Computer Club Congress goes steampunk I was pretty disappointed when Fabienne told me the theme; I think steampunk is some of the stupidest shit ever.

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  1. Pylon says:

    Eliot, you are wrong 😛 We don’t go steampunk. The slogan “Volldampf voraus!” has a lot of meanings. Think about a big, nearly unstoppable ship that runs with “full steam ahead”. I guess you will also think about trains 😉 Or the time when you played with your tiny steam engine under the christmas tree — and nowadays you play with the newest circuits…

    So, there is a lot more of interpretation in this slogan. Sadly that every second person thinks about steampunk only.

  2. Eliot says:

    Okay, I’ll reconsider. Steampunk does seem like a stretch from what you’ve said. 😀

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