I really dislike April Fool’s day. Especially people whose April Fools joke includes the phrase “this is not a joke” which they later retract. That type of person doesn’t understand how humor works.

My April 1st post from last year.

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  1. […] Wow, the Internet gets annoying on April Fools day. The best April Fools jokes are subtle pranks, not long, drawn-out, unfunny “jokes,” and they do not include the phrase “this is not a joke.” I’m turning off my computer and I’ll come back online tomorrow when things have settled down. […]

  2. Ben says:

    Okay, April fools gets old quick, but I did like google’s contribution for free in home wireless service. It’s worth a look for a chuckle.

  3. […] It’s a day where everyone trips over themselves in a rush to attempt humor while failing to understand how it works. My favorite example is when TechCrunch posted their April 1st joke on March 31st and then wondered […]

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