Brothels near Las Vegas

The AEE show guide had a nice list of brothels near Las Vegas so I used YourGMap to create this handy map. Nevada brothels are only legal in counties with a population under 400,000; that’s why there aren’t any in Las Vegas.

4 Responses to “Brothels near Las Vegas”

  1. FROSTY says:

    Gillian and I watched G4’s coverage of the AEE, I was looking for you in the background but all I saw were fake boobies!

  2. fbz says:

    dude some of those “ladies” are nasty. i recommend sticking with the prettier ones or finding some non-brothel material. ick.

  3. Eliot says:

    HA! I thought those were the G4 people. Unfortunately the guy screwed up his line as I walked behind them. They probably didn’t use that footage.

  4. […] Google launches My Maps Finally, no more hacked together brothel maps. […]

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