Parallels, my new love

I got a copy of Parallels from work since I need to run some Windows-only (groan) software. Parallels is virtual machine software that lets you run other operating systems inside of OSX. I could care less about running XP, what’s really neat is the ability to run any Linux distro directly from the LiveCD ISO. So, yesterday I booted up and “installed” Ubuntu. Which I was surprised to find is as good as they say (despite me hating desktop environments; terminal isn’t an accessory to me).

“What’s with that screenshot? (click for biggie size) It doesn’t show Parallels.” Notice the OSX dock is on the right. The one on the left is ROX. I’ve used SSH with X forwarding to connect to the Ubuntu machine running in Parallels. Every window you see (besides the Finder) is an application running on the Ubuntu virtual machine and being displayed using OS X Doing this you can run your Mac and Linux applications side-by-side instead of inside a Parallels window. Very cool.

Lifehacker has a guide for setting up XP on a separate virtual desktop so you can page between the two systems.

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