Movies I’ve seen

These are just a few I’ve gotten from Netflix recently:

  • Thank You For Smoking I really enjoyed this. Good satire. Nothing too heavy.
  • Entre las piernas I was surprised by this. It’s got some decent drama and suspense. It may annoy you if you don’t like every character being significant and running into each other (i.e. Crash). I’ll let you discover the English title on your own.
  • The secret of NIMH I remember seeing this videodisc quite a few times as a child. I just wanted to see it again to help my memory.
  • Rabbit-Proof Fence Amazing true story.
  • Mimic I had seen 5 of the last 6 Guillermo del Toro movies. This was the one that was missing. I wasn’t missing much.
  • Chopper An okay biopic about Aussie criminal Brandon “Chopper” Read. I had seen several hilarious skits about him and wondered what the character was based on.
  • Hellraiser Clive Barker’s directorial debut. I haven’t seen a lot of old horror movies and I wanted to see this unedited. Good stuff.
  • Pulse Standard Japanese horror: slow, ominous, incomprehensible, and for some reason it was remade in English. The creepiest part was the main character wearing a shirt from Gilley’s… the bar up the street with the bikini bull riding. This shirt was for the one in Texas though (everything in Vegas is based on something) since their shirts were sold by Lucky at some point.

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  1. fbz says:

    the voice and mannerisms of the actor in the horoscope sketch reminded me so much of something but i couldn’t put my finger on it:

    then i figure it out. it’s exactly like the voice of the newly “born” whale that plunges to its death in hitchhiker’s guide.

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