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A friend advised me to “immerse yourself in the Vegas”. I think they had “buy an ice cream cone from creepy van” in mind not “go to the sportsbook with Justin at 6AM on Saturday”. That’s just what I did though. Hey there new experience. After that it was breakfast and then off to watch the Husker game at 9AM (actually 10 once Cox got the feed up after the 1st quarter). I’m not a sports fan, but this was one of those “when in Rome” things or at least “when in a city with a Roman microcosm“. I just did Sudokus and Crown Royal.

Once that was over at 1PM I headed home and worked around the office trying to finally get things squared away. I’m using the master bedroom as the office and you can click for a bigger version. I’m not saying everything is right yet, but it at least all has a place. The most annoying part of going from Linux to OSX is paying for software or more realistically: using broken free software as witnessed by the DoubleTake watermark on these images.

Most of this week was spent crushing spammers, spam sites, porn, abusive comments, and cheating members so I didn’t get as much commentary in.

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  1. Ted says:

    The big questions are: Did Big Red beat the spread?
    How much did Justin win?
    Did you place a bet?
    or is the hangover your only memento 🙂

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