Wiki singularity

klaus nomi
Lane pinged me earlier asking “In the last Venture Bros who is the guy with Iggy Pop and David Bowie?” That’s easy: Klaus Nomi. Of course, it’s only easy because I asked that question at one-point and did the natural thing: hit Wikipedia. There they were in the episode guide, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Klaus Nomi, all linked to their respective pages. I looked at David Bowie and Klaus Nomi’s pages and found it kind of disturbing that so much space in their “Pop culture references” and “Trivia” sections were dedicated to their appearance in Venture Bros. At one point Nomi’s page included this:

Though Nomi had been dead for 23 years at the time these episodes aired, no explanation for his being alive in 2006 is given in the episodes, or why he has superpowers. The series does parody super-science/superhero adventures, and ressurection of the dead is shown in at least two different methods, so this is not out of question for its settings. Tragically, in the setting, AIDS has not yet been cured, which is explicitly mentioned in one episode (Fallen Arches).

I pointed out to Lane that I thought these references were excessive and he had this to say:

“Someday Wikipedia will contain all knowledge and it will be as useful as a 1:1 scale map.”

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  1. onthecorner says:

    thanks for the data… i always asked myself who is that guy.. and of course, it’s Klaus Nomi…


  2. Vision says:

    Look up Klaus Nomi on youtube and prepare to have your brain burnt.

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