LG VX9900

I’ve been waiting for the LG VX9900 to be released by Verizon. Engadget Mobile is getting fed up with the delay as well and is promising no more updates until it’s actually released. I can wait and will probably buy a TracPhone in the meantime. Well I thought I could wait till I saw that Motorola had gotten FCC approval on the E690. If sold, the E690 would be Moto’s first Linux based cellphone sold in the states. It looks really slick, but with only one US band, no mention of WiFi or HSDPA it probably won’t be very fun. That and I’ve already got enough embedded Linux systems that I don’t use. I can only hope that a US release boosts interest in the OpenEZX project which is opening up the operating system on these Linux phones.

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  1. Kacie says:

    how much does it cost?

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