movingI often feel compelled to write a “how things are going” post. Key word is feel, since it usually never gets written. Well, here it is:

The wheels are in motion. I am moving to Las Vegas Sept. 21st. Dad and I will be loading everything into a truck and making the drive over a couple days. I’m moving in with my friend Justin from freshman year in college. He’s lived there for at least a couple years.

I’m moving because I can. I’ve been in Nebraska for the last 25 years and feel that I should move while I still have the opportunity. I was in Las Vegas in early August covering an event and living there will give me a lot more opportunities to cover events. It’s also relatively close to LA. Being in LV I also expect bloggers and coworkers to be flying into town for events year round.

The rest of my siblings have made it back into the country. My twin sister is back from Japan and is working on her Masters of Architecture at MIT. My older brother and wife are back from Peru. There in MN where he’s working on his Doctorate.

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  1. Sister says:

    Nice “I’m a thinker, take me seriously” pose, Eliot… Moving’s a bitch, so good luck with your trip to LV.

    Boston is working out very well, and I could hardly be happier here…in this land of un-pretentious free-thinking nerdy types. In studio class I proposed designing a teleportation and other not-yet-existant forms of transportation station/terminal and got taken completely seriously…this never would have happened in Nebraska.

  2. Sister says:

    I should specify that the “land of un-pretentious free-thinking nerdy types” is MIT, not Boston. There is plenty of pretentiousness just up the road from me…

    …and yesterday our women’s ultimate team “sMITe” (me included) trounced theirs 11-2!

  3. fbz says:

    I will definitely come visit you, if nothing to try the vegan doughnuts:

    best of luck for the move!

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