white water raftingIf it’s 1AM on a Friday and someone asks if you want to go to Colorado for the weekend, I suggest you say “yes!” Eileen and her friend Joy plus another coworker were headed to CO for a race and wondered if I wanted to go. I agreed. With Will taking HAD off my hands I could finally get some sorely needed time off. We headed out on Friday. Saturday morning we went white water rafting on the Arkansas river through Brown’s Canyon. It was a blast and I suggest if you have a choice you should definitely get a river guide with a real name like our guide Johnny Beers. Sunday was the Muddy Buddy race in Boulder. Each two person team alternates riding a bike and running simultaneously. They do this for about 6 miles around the Boulder reservoir, exchanging the bike when they come across constructed obstacles. The race ends with a crawl through a giant mud pit. It’s a lighthearted event with a lot of people wearing costumes.

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  1. Johnny Beers says:

    Lovely seeing this, was sent to me by one of our rookies….most importantly though…….Is Eileen single? Was, and am still smitten….



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