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Saturday, May 13th, 2006

sprocket the dogI went home today for graduation parties of people that weren’t even in jr high when I graduated… so very old. Mom and dad had a brand new puppy that they got from Grandma and Grandpa H. Aparently the dog that was hanging around had a litter of four. The farm had been in need of a new animal ever since the dairy cows left over a year ago; those mangy cats don’t count. I named the dog Sprocket. He’s stil kind of shy, but seems to be doing fine. From his howling it sounds like we got lucky and ended up with a hound mix instead of a rottweiler. There’s a couple more pictures on Flickr.

One year

Sunday, May 7th, 2006

hackadayToday marks my one year anniversary of daily blogging for Hack-A-Day. It’s also been one year since I got my mechanical engineering degree. Until today I had completely forgotten what I said on that momentous occasion.

I woke up this morning…

Saturday, May 6th, 2006

… in bed next to my laptop. I thought it was an interesting, if not sad, commentary on my life.

Sesame Street Martians

Wednesday, May 3rd, 2006

Awesome. I also recommend Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006. It’s the kind of thing that really cheers you up after realizing two links ripped of from HAD in the last month hit the front page of Digg using descriptions plagiarized from HAD: one, two.