equilibriumI downloaded Equilibrium in preparation for Ultraviolet; both movies are written and directed by Kurt Wimmer. There was one word I thought during the opening, “dumb”. This movie is visually gross as well: obvious computer generated outdoor sets and futuristic cars that are just Cadillac Sevilles that have had flat white house paint applied to them inside and out. This future society has decide to suppress war by medicating the populous therefore limiting emotions. People like Christian Bale are responsible for book-burning patrols. Everything is going fine till Bale misses one of his doses and becomes enlightened. The film gets a little better once they start using interior sets and get to action. There is a constant nagging wonder as to why this society, aiming at peace, maintains such a large number shock-troops. Also, Taye Diggs‘s character is a little too emotional for someone waiting to expose his partner for being emotional. I guess no one plays “calm and collected” nearly as well as Christian Bale. This film gets a solid “Meh”.

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  1. adam gray says:

    I really enjoyed Equilibrium. After watching Ultraviolet, I wanted to rip my eyes out of the sockets.

    Yes, the cars are horrible. I think the reason they had so many troops is that while they were pushing for peace, the resistance members were not, and at this point in the movie’s reality, the resistance was rather large.e

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