Lady Vengeance

lady vengeanceLady Vengeance is the final installment in Chan-wook Park‘s “Revenge Trilogy”. It hasn’t been released in the US yet, but my rental service already has it on DVD with English subtitles. The film opens with Geum-ja being released from prison. She’s been there for 13 years after abducting and killing a young boy when she was 19 years old. Through several almost surreal flashbacks you learn that Geum-ja has been making friends in prison and plotting revenge on the person who framed her. In the third act the plot comes to an almost full stop and takes a new direction. It isn’t entirely unexpected coming from Park. I kept waiting for the sad ending, but it never arrived (which is almost a relief). I enjoyed this film and the rest of the trilogy. Even though they shared some themes, each one followed a different path and pacing. I’d have to say my favorite of the three was Oldboy.

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