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Who are these people?

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

line of peopleI had originally written this for a different site, but they don’t seem to be using it. I’d hate to see something I lost sleep over go to waste so I’m posting it here. This is my experience buying an Xbox 360.

Sadly, I had come to the conclusion that Microsoft would not be sending me a review unit. What had we ever done to them? I felt I needed an Xbox for work, so I had to acquire one ASAP (i.e. not February). I managed to get my hands on one early this morning and met some interesting people along the way.


Winstock 2005

Saturday, November 12th, 2005

winstockI’m in NYC this weekend for Winstock 2005; the first meeting of WIN bloggers. There’s is approx. 50 people here: all of the lead bloggers plus staff bloggers that were in the area. You can view photos from my boss here , my managing editor here and fellow blogger Tom Biro here.

Breaking News: Speed Dating

Wednesday, November 9th, 2005

clippingMy mom often sends clippings along with her weekly letter that document my former classmates’ progression through life. I was perplexed by this one though. I kept flipping it over trying to figure out if she seriously sent me a speed dating article or if she failed to circle one of the births in the public record. The personal note at the end of the letter held the key “this dating idea is valid – I read about it in a book”. It’s hard to tell what to throw away when it doesn’t have “Fwd:” in the subject line. She foreshadowed this post by including this Hi and Lois strip.