Suicide Club

suicide clubI’m guessing everyone’s tired of me whining about work by now; so I’ll move on. I watched Suicide Club about a week ago. It is one of the most disgusting/beautiful movies I have ever seen. Usually gore and shock techniques don’t really get to me and I worry that maybe I’ve become too desensitized. During this movie though there were several times I was jerked bolt upright clutching to cover my gaping mouth while trying not to fall off the couch. This movie is solely for the hardcore and I guarantee you’ll figure out if you’re in that group in the first five minutes. I thought this movie was wonderful, but some people are offended when they find out it doesn’t actually have a plot and it doesn’t really succeed in delivering its message. Either way it is still a beautiful thing to behold.

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  1. Frosty says:

    A whole new definition of; #### Edited by Eliot###

  2. sister says:

    I’ve heard a little bit about this movie and have an interest in seeing it, but could you enlighten me a little more? Is it pure fiction? Documentary? What?

  3. mechanized says:

    Pure fiction. It sets out to be a thriller, but you find out it’s just a commentary on the causes of suicide. Which it isn’t that good at.

  4. A.Dawg says:

    saw that the other night with joe at the house, i especially liked the kitchen fingers scene…just corny enought to not freak out at. also eliot (and anyone who cares): come to next door to HMV on friday 29th for good times and sayin see ya to that wonderful little pukehole of a house.

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