Ping Pong

ping pongI’m not really sure how I ended up with this movie. It’s the story of two life long friends/ping pong players. Peco is cocky while Smile is submissive despite being the better player. Nothing too spectacular here, but definetly worth your time, if you can tolerate subtitles. If you enjoyed Bend It Like Beckham (and you should) you’ll probably enjoy this movie too.

I think that screenshot is interesting because unlike the U.S. where we would ride Dumbo, a flying elephant, the Japanese ride flying elephant beetles.

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  1. +L says:

    Those beetles are popular–one could also say ‘traditional’–summer pets for boys and girls all across Japan. They are bought for 100-300 yen each, kept in a little plastic lunch-pale thing, and fed gelatin candies until either the child grows bored of the beetle or until the beetle suffers an untimely death.

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