Cronos, Tetsuo, Oldboy

ironmanI usually don’t expect to have fun on holidays since the most entertaining parts of life seem to be spontaneous. So, I spent the 4th of July relaxing and watching movies.

Cronos, one of Guillermo del Toro’s early films. His most recent movies were Hellboy, Blade II, and The Devil’s Backbone. I had asked Justin Brink what the movie was like when I borrowed it; He said, “It’s a del Toro movie”. Del Toro always does an excellent job directing and produces a good looking, high quality movie, but as Justin implied: if you’ve seen one you know exactly how you’ll feel when watching this one. Not exactly a spectacular movie, but definitely an entertaining time.

Tetsuo: the Iron Man Man is this thing bizarre. “A man is experiencing problems with metal showing up and protruding from his body.” This movie is shot in black and white using a hand held camera with stop-motion effects. I found it as a bittorrent and had remember Brink expressing an interest in seeing it. It was an interesting time and I’m glad I saw it, but seriously what is wrong with the Japanese? Oh, well, maybe the sequel will provide more insight ;-).

Oldboy This is an awesome Korean movie about a man who is mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years and then released to find his captor. The emotional pitch that this movie reaches is incredible with amazing visuals and performances. The pacing can seem slow at times, but the viciousness of the final act makes it worth the wait. Although not as heart wrenching, I would say that like Dancer in the Dark it is almost impossible to comprehend what the protagonist must be feeling.

I’ve got a few more movies lined up so I’ll let you know how they go: more foreign weirdness.

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