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Suicide Club

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

suicide clubI’m guessing everyone’s tired of me whining about work by now; so I’ll move on. I watched Suicide Club about a week ago. It is one of the most disgusting/beautiful movies I have ever seen. Usually gore and shock techniques don’t really get to me and I worry that maybe I’ve become too desensitized. During this movie though there were several times I was jerked bolt upright clutching to cover my gaping mouth while trying not to fall off the couch. This movie is solely for the hardcore and I guarantee you’ll figure out if you’re in that group in the first five minutes. I thought this movie was wonderful, but some people are offended when they find out it doesn’t actually have a plot and it doesn’t really succeed in delivering its message. Either way it is still a beautiful thing to behold.

Weblogs Inc. defaced

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

hackedWell, it looks like the entire Weblogs, inc. network has been defaced. The databases seem intact. Hopefully we’ll be back up soon. Damn, scriptkiddies.

UPDATE: Well our hosting company is on top of things. The offending pages are being removed and we should be back up soon.

UPDATE: We’re back up. The RSS feed is a little out of date, but everything else seems fine. Damn, now I don’t have an excuse not to work.

History repeats

Thursday, July 14th, 2005

This is so aggravating. The trail goes Treehugger -> Slashdot -> MAKE:Blog. Hack-A-Day story from two days previous. Slashdot hasn’t linked to us in months, but makezine? That’s friggin’ BS. Torrone was the original editor for Hack-A-Day and is now posting a ton of the projects we feature once someone else strips off the original source.

Hack-A-Day podcast 3

Friday, July 8th, 2005

The media server isn’t working out for some reason. If you happen to stumble across this post you’re a winner since this is the only place to get the podcast. First make sure the link is still down on Hack-A-Day. If it is you can get the podcast from here. If all else fails here is a mirror [link is down]. Vince did all of the production work and no, my voice is not that booming in real life.

I must be doing something right

Friday, July 8th, 2005

So, Thursday’s story over at Hack-A-Day was about a mechatronic guitar. The story was picked up by Slashdot without any credit (I blame the submitters). Not really out of the ordinary since it has happened three other times in the last week-and-a-half. Once Slashdot had sanatized it, it was now safe for the hack aggregator to report it. I didn’t really feel burned till Engadget picked it up this morning and credited Slashdot. If you only made one blog post a day you’d think your boss would read it, right? Then of course the other gadget blog had to have it, but they got their hot tip from Music Thing. The initial tip for this was sent in July 1st so, I’m sure we were first on the blogoblock. Which is good, but some acknowledgement and more readers would be a nice bonus. This isn’t an isolated event; we’ve gotten a lot of scoop links in the last two months, but never any credit from a major site. At least our large readership can look at other sites and smuggly think “old news”. A reader did point out that we’re the first result when typing “hack” into google. Pretty good coming in #1 out of 14 million pages. Of course, thanks to me we are also the #1 result for the phrase “genital scorching“.

Ping Pong

Thursday, July 7th, 2005

ping pongI’m not really sure how I ended up with this movie. It’s the story of two life long friends/ping pong players. Peco is cocky while Smile is submissive despite being the better player. Nothing too spectacular here, but definetly worth your time, if you can tolerate subtitles. If you enjoyed Bend It Like Beckham (and you should) you’ll probably enjoy this movie too.

I think that screenshot is interesting because unlike the U.S. where we would ride Dumbo, a flying elephant, the Japanese ride flying elephant beetles.

Cronos, Tetsuo, Oldboy

Wednesday, July 6th, 2005

ironmanI usually don’t expect to have fun on holidays since the most entertaining parts of life seem to be spontaneous. So, I spent the 4th of July relaxing and watching movies.

Cronos, one of Guillermo del Toro’s early films. His most recent movies were Hellboy, Blade II, and The Devil’s Backbone. I had asked Justin Brink what the movie was like when I borrowed it; He said, “It’s a del Toro movie”. Del Toro always does an excellent job directing and produces a good looking, high quality movie, but as Justin implied: if you’ve seen one you know exactly how you’ll feel when watching this one. Not exactly a spectacular movie, but definitely an entertaining time.

Tetsuo: the Iron Man Man is this thing bizarre. “A man is experiencing problems with metal showing up and protruding from his body.” This movie is shot in black and white using a hand held camera with stop-motion effects. I found it as a bittorrent and had remember Brink expressing an interest in seeing it. It was an interesting time and I’m glad I saw it, but seriously what is wrong with the Japanese? Oh, well, maybe the sequel will provide more insight ;-).

Oldboy This is an awesome Korean movie about a man who is mysteriously imprisoned for 15 years and then released to find his captor. The emotional pitch that this movie reaches is incredible with amazing visuals and performances. The pacing can seem slow at times, but the viciousness of the final act makes it worth the wait. Although not as heart wrenching, I would say that like Dancer in the Dark it is almost impossible to comprehend what the protagonist must be feeling.

I’ve got a few more movies lined up so I’ll let you know how they go: more foreign weirdness.