My New Job

hackaday logoWell, my first post just went live over at hackaday. That’s right, I am Weblogs, Inc. newest contributing editor. An honor truly worthy of a delicious sandwich. Not only am I getting paid for a hobby I love, but being a paid blogger puts me in the 99.95 percentile of nerddom. All your base… etc, etc.

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  1. hbarbobot says:

    aww man congrats!

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  3. […] I’ve been telecommuting as a professional blogger from the day I graduated from college. When I describe my work environment to both industry people and non they are amazed that we can build companies like Weblogs, Inc. and completely from remote employees. I try to avoid the phrase “virtual office” because it makes the work sound trivial. […]

  4. […] I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that today is the two year anniversary of both my college graduation and my first post going live at Hack-A-Day. The second of the two keeps gaining notoriety since it was the catalyst for every thing that has happened to me since then. […]

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