Integrated Backpack

ipod backpackPicked this up over at Engadget. This backpack combines solar panels, ipod charging, soft controls, and a lapel microphone so you can use your bluetooth phone. I’d like it except it is a backpack. Build this into a Timbuk2 bag and you’d have to beat off hipsters with a stick. At least I’ll be able to put off buying an iPod even longer; I’m currently holding out for an ethernet dock with audio out.

3 Responses to “Integrated Backpack”

  1. mechanized says:

    heh heh… the thought of beating hipsters with a stick warms my heart.

  2. sister says:

    like the lime green cons, I think this is another Kmart Standard Supply DIY project. . .I’d do it myself, if it weren’t for the fact that there are no Kmart’s in Jpan.

  3. Frosty says:

    Where in kmart do they sell; solar ipod chargers, soft control buttons, and a blue tooth phone??????

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